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Boston, Massachusetts
Hot Sauce Health Benefits
Here's Why Hot Sauce & Chile Pepppers are Good For You!*
  • Hot Sauce has an aphrodisiac-like effect on the consumer.
  • Chile Peppers are cholesterol free.
  • Chile Peppers are very rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin E.
  • Chile Peppers contain more vitamin C than orange juice.
  • ​Chile Peppers are a healthy source of potassium & Folic Acid.
  • Chile Peppers contain more vitamin A than carrots.
  • Hot Sauce helps to curb your appetite.
  • Chile Peppers can reduce harmful bacteria on foods.
  • Hot Sauce can help you lose weight as it increases metabolism. 
  • Hot Sauce may lower cholesterol. 
  • Hot Sauce may prevent heart attacks & strokes.
  • Hot Sauce may lower blood pressure.
  • Hot Sauce & Chile Peppers may prevent cancer.
  • Hot Sauce helps to treat colds as the capsaicin helps open the sinuses.
  • Chile Peppers may help to treat Hypertension.
  • Hot Sauce may battle depression.

*Consult with your physician before consuming any hot sauce or chile peppers for a particular health concern.